Wild Tales (Review)


Wild Tales (Relatos Salvajes)

Directed by Damian Szifron.

So, this review was supposed to be for the Spanish film ‘Marshland’ (La Isla Minima.) I must say, I was desparate to see this film. It’s been compared to ‘True Detective,’ which is probably one of my favourite shows. Ever! I ran from my home all the way into town to meet my man-date for the night, reaching the cinema roughly 10 minutes late, but fairly certain that we’d only be missing trailers.

Boy, were we in for a surprise.

There were more people queuing to get out than there were to get in! Turns out that there was technical issues and that Marshland was no longer showing. Refunds and ticket exchanges were on offer, hence the massive queues. But I was exhausted, coated in a film of sweat and determined that it was not all for nothing. So, we asked if there was a film being shown in place of ‘Marshland.’ There was. It was called ‘Wild Tales.’

We had already missed the first few minutes, but took our seats and got settled in.

‘Wild Tales’ is a collection of six thrilling, dramatic, perfectly composed and utterly hilarious short films by Argentinian director, Damian Szifron. None of these films have any connection to each other, there are no cross-over characters or interlacing stories. They just play out, seemingly in no particular order. But it totally works. As soon as you figure out, a short way into the second film, that this is the case, you instantly just accept it.

A plane full of strangers come to a sudden, and disturbing, realisation that they are all connected by one common fact; the emotionally disturbed pilot flying their plane.

A young waitress in a lonely diner is faced with a lone customer. She is a stranger to him, but to her, he is the reason that her life fell apart.

On a long and empty road, two drivers fall victim to pride as one small act of frustration escalates to all out personal warfare.

Fed up with society, one man hatches an explosive plan to send a message to the powers that be.

In an expensive bid to hide a horrifying truth about his son, a father very quickly discovers the greed of those he thought to be close friends.

Still celebrating the first few hours of their marriage, a lively young couple begin to question the authenticity of their love. One mistake from the past instigates communication and emotional breakdowns.

I guess you could say that revenge might the common theme, here. But don’t ruin it for yourself by trying to figure out these needless and pointless things. This has been lovingly created purely for your enjoyment. It’s not to be dissected, the lines have no ‘betweens’ to be read, there is no facade to see through and no hidden message or ulterior motive. These are stories that mirror us humans in a universe where our over-dramatic reactions to everyday problems have equally over-dramatic consequences.

‘Wild Tales’ draws many similarities to Charlie Brooker’s ‘Black Mirror’ series’, but is simply more colourful and more obviously comical.

Do the film a favour, do me an Graham (the man-date) a favour and, more importantly, do yourself a favour – Go and see this film!

‘Wild Tales’ will be screening on Fri 20th (18.00) at the GFT and again on Sat 21st (18.45) at The Grosvenor.