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Asset Finance, be it Hire Purchase or Lease, is one of the most widely used forms of business funding. It is used by every type of business to acquire a whole spectrum of business critical assets, covering everything from a Laptop to a Lear Jet.

Since our inception we have established strategic alliances with some of Europe’s leading financial institutions and this has allowed us to offer our customers a comprehensive and competitive range of loan products.

Our Hire Purchase and Lease facilities offer our customers real choice and flexibility. We can finance just about any business critical asset at any value, however, at Premier we are always looking to go that extra mile for our customers, so in addition to our standard product portfolio, we are also able to offer the following range of exciting and complementary products:-

Equity Release

Do you have unencumbered or part encumbered assets that you would like to work a little harder for you? Our refinance product might be the perfect answer for you to get a quick and simple cash injection into your business.

Working Capital Boost

Peer to peer lending or crowd funding is the fastest growing form of business funding and we have teamed up with the UK’s biggest player, The Funding Circle. So if you think your business could benefit from an extra £10,000 to £250,000 at a competitive rate without providing any traditional form of security other than your guarantee this might be a perfect solution for you

Soft Assets

Soft Assets are assets which hold little or very low second hand value – items like office furniture, catering equipment, IT and software, shop and restaurant refits, scaffolding, leisure and gym equipment. These assets have traditionally been difficult to finance due to their low collateral position, however, our reputation and standing in the marketplace has allowed us to attract some specialist and niche funders who welcome these kinds of assets by recognising their strategic importance to a business.

Banking Products

We have excellent trading relationships with a number of major UK and European Banks and as a result of this we are able to facilitate introductions to our customers and at the same time offer them preferential rates and terms. You may be considering a re-bank, looking at a commercial mortgage or thinking about invoice finance. It might be something as simple as an overdraft or a term loan, but whatever it is we can help.